Tensile Structures

Tesile Structurs plans - Yamit 2000, Holon Tesile Structurs plans - Cinema City, Jerusalem

In the early 60s a new trend has developed in the field of architecture: 3D tensile structures. They have become the "hot topic" in architectural discourse at the time.

Tensile structures make it simpler to provide roofing over very large areas, while utilizing minimal raw materials. The materials are low-weight, making construction simpler. Their geometry derives strictly from tension forces acting upon them, so they require less support. This also allows them to be used in large buildings which cannot have internal columns, such as stadiums, swimming pools, and event halls.

Cinema City, Jerusalem

Shark pool, Eilat, Israel

Big Nazareth (2008-9)

Cafeteria, Palma Aquarium, Spain

Nautilus, Palma Aquarium, Spain

Restaurant, Palma Aquarium, Spain

Shark Pool, Palma Aquarium, Spain

Shopping Center Hadera

Tensile Structure in Aroer

Yamit 2000, Holon (2008-9)

Amado roof structure, Technion